9 Amazing Kitchen Equipment That You Didn’t Know Existed ( This is #Amazing!)

Now we will introduce you to some equipment which are completely different from the ones you use in your everyday lives. Get yourself ready – your world is going to be rocked !

We have all seen, bought and used the common kitchen equipment like toaster, dishwasher, micro wave blah blah blah. This article will introduce to some equipments which are completely different from the ones we use in our everyday lives. Get yourself ready – your world is going to be rocked !

1. The Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker 


This is a simple yet amazing piece of machine which lets you create a sandwich, the way you want it – FAST! With this baby, you can enjoy a hot, homemade breakfast sandwich in less than 5 minutes. The included recipe book provides a variety of breakfast sandwich options, from the traditional egg, ham and cheese to the unique cheddar, apple, bacon and egg croissant sandwich.

2. Electric Mini Burger Maker 


If you are someone who wants to spend more time with your friends and family rather than in the kitchen, then this is a must for you.This is the first-ever electric slider grill for home use. This product grills up to six delicious slider burgers at a time in just 1-3 minutes. The non-stick surface enables the user to cook a variety of meats including sirloin, ground soy, turkey, and chicken or crab cakes.

3. Magnetic Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher 


This sexy wall mounted magnetic bottle opener has become a top choice among homeowners and beer enthusiasts worldwide. It is crafted from quarters awn walnut wood, flanked by two maple inlays, outfitted with a 100% polished stainless steel opener, protected by a water resistant lacquer finish, and houses a mind-numbing powerful magnet that holds over 140 caps. The killer looks are a bonus! 

4. The Desert Maker 


Now you can easily create yummy tasting treats by adding any combination of chocolate, or fruits like over-ripe bananas, berries, or mango to the chute for a smooth “ice-cream” like taste. Make simple, elegant homemade desserts like cakes, pies, bon bons and sorbets. Perfect for entertaining guests, snacks for the kids, or a yummy anytime treat. 

5. The Calorie Counter


This is for all those fitness freaks out there who want to know exactly what they are consuming. This is the smart food scale that gives real-time nutritional insight into your food through a customized Balance goal and beautiful visualizations of calories, carbs, protein, and more. Meet your kitchen nutritionist,skip the fads, get the facts. Get an accurate nutritional breakdown of the meals you make at home with the simple-but smart-food scale, Prep Pad, and its partner app, Countertop. Set nutritional goals, make and log your meals, and track your progress to health.

6. The Selfie Toaster


Now this is something really awesome! Selfie + toaster together – I know it sounds crazy, weird and funny but something like this does actually exist! This toaster comes with the ability to customize the appearance of your toast with a Selfie or Custom image! It does this with a redeemable Code and instructions on how to create your custom insert for your toaster at a later date!

7. The Pineapple De-Corer 


Cutting a pineapple can be a pain in the @$$. You agree or not? This clever piece of equipment addresses this issue and comes up with a brilliant solution. It will peel, core, and slice a fresh pineapple in just 30 seconds! It removes perfectly formed rings while leaving the core in the shell

8. The Star Wars X-Wing Set of Stainless Steel Knives


Well Star Wars can not be left behind right? We love Star Wars and hence we HAD to include this super sleak Star Wars X-Wing Set of Stainless Steel Knives.This looks just like an X-wing when all are stored in the block

9. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister


If you are a GOT fan then I wont have to say what these represent. You also have a chance to be the mother or father of dragons by using these amazing Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister. This doubles as a place to store cookies. What say would be Khal/Khaleesi ??

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