11 Crazzy Dinosaur Gifts For All Jurassic Park Lovers (Dinosaur Day Special)

There are many Jurassic Park lovers like us and yes Dinosaur’s Day is celebrated across many cities! Show your Love for Them with These Crazy Products

Believe it or not June 12 is celebrated as Dinosaur’s Day across many cities! Well if we can have Dog’s day and Cat’s Day (yeah they too exist) then why not the Dinosaur’s Day? After all we all loved Jurassic Park didn’t we! ( in case you didn’t-DIE AT ONCE)
So if like us, you too love dinosaurs and wish in your inner mind that they weren’t extinct then we have little something to cheer you up. Let us present 11 Crazy Dinosaur Items ( not 65 million years in the making 😉 ) that you should grab hold of right now and show your love to the most dangerous carnivores on earth:

1. Walking Dinosaur Costume

This is some real crazy s#!t if you want to scare the hell out of your friends. Go here to find out all dinosaur costumes : from T-Rexes to Velociraptors, you will get everything. You can check out this funny video below and find out exactly what I am talking about.

2. T-Rex Wall Head

Tiger , wolves and deer please make way for the mighty T-rex! What better way to welcome guests than showing off your T-Rex Wall Head? Good thing is it comes with a bracket attached to the skull ready for mounting! You don’t wanna miss out on this one

3. A life Sized Skull Of A Tyrannosaur

Please pay more attention to the word ‘life sized’! Well yeah! If you have enough money to spend on dead and extinct creatures, then this will be a perfect choice. This faithful replica is assembled from 47 bones and 35 teeth. Whats the weight you ask? 350 lbs. I warned you before – its “Life Sized”

4. Dinosaur Cake Stands

Well this is for the ones who want to show off their love for the dinos everywhere : from study to dining tables. Priced at only $90 these are “cute” gifts for all those who want to add a hint of uniqueness to their dining rooms.

5. Dinosaur Expedition, Light and Sound Room Décor

Create an awesome Dinosaur Expedition light and sound experience like you’ve never seen, with peel ‘n stick decals and light and sound FX activator. I don’t want to waste your time by describing this in words. Check out the video below!

6. GIANT T Rex LIFESIZE Dinosaur

Its a T Rex and Its Life Size . keep this in your garden and people will remember you for the ages to come. This is your easiest way to be immortal. And yeah don’t even bother about it getting stolen – it probably weighs more than your house. I am not kidding. Check it out yourself.

7. Plush Dinosaur Giant Stuffed Brontosaurus

Tired of gifting teddy bears, chocolates and flowers to your girl? Take the Geeky way out. Surprise her with this super cute 4 Feet Long 3 Feet Tall dino baby! And by chance If she likes DINOSAURS, then THIS is the ticket you needed!

8. Dinosaur – Kids Wall Decal

This is for all those parents out there. Pamper your kids with these not so scary dino wall stickers. Nothing fancy – yet ounce of cuteness in every inch.

9. Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Adult/Child T-shirt

Show your love for the dinosaurs everywhere : from school to gym. These t shirts come in all sizes and you can have a blast by donning these. Cool casual smart sexy – whatever you say. These are must haves!

10. T-Rex Dinosaur DinoBryte LED Headlamp

Turn reading in the dark, or wandering around a campsite into an adventure with the T-Rex Dinobryte headlamp. Turn on or press the button to hear realistic roaring T-Rex dinosaur sound. Includes an adjustable elastic headband and spring-loaded clip that can attach to pack, pocket, belt, and more.

11. Inflatable Pteranodon

For all those who aren’t aware , Pteranodon are the giant flying dinos you saw in Jurassic Park. These creatures don’t deserve their place on tables or showcases. They fly and hence the best place to put them is to hang them from the ceiling just over your bed. With a wingspan of over 4 feet long, this really cant get better

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